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Learn how to install the kube plugin for spin

    The kube plugin for spin (The Spin CLI) provides first class experience for working with Spin apps in the context of Kubernetes.


    Ensure the necessary prerequisites are installed.

    For this tutorial in particular, you will need

    Install the plugin

    Before you install the kube plugin for spin, you should fetch the list of latest Spin plugins from the spin-plugins repository:

    # Update the list of latest Spin plugins
    spin plugins update
    Plugin information updated successfully

    Go ahead and install the kube using spin plugin install:

    # Install the latest kube plugin
    spin plugins install kube

    At this point you should see the kube plugin when querying the list of installed Spin plugins:

    # List all installed Spin plugins
    spin plugins list --installed
    cloud 0.7.0 [installed]
    cloud-gpu 0.1.0 [installed]
    kube 0.1.1 [installed]
    pluginify 0.6.0 [installed]

    Compiling from source

    As an alternative to the plugin manager, you can download and manually install the plugin. Manual installation is commonly used to test in-flight changes. For a user, installing the plugin using Spin’s plugin manager is better.

    Please refer to the contributing guide for instructions on how to compile the plugin from source.