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A high level overview of the SpinKube sub-projects

    Project Overview

    SpinKube is a new open source project that streamlines the experience of developing, deploying, and operating Wasm workloads on Kubernetes, using Spin in tandem with the runwasi and KWasm open source projects.

    With SpinKube, you can leverage the advantages of using WebAssembly (Wasm) for your workloads:

    • Artifacts are significantly smaller in size compared to container images.
    • Artifacts can be quickly fetched over the network and started much faster (*Note: We are aware of several optimizations that still need to be implemented to enhance the startup time for workloads).
    • Substantially fewer resources are required during idle times.

    All of this while being able to integrate with Kubernetes primitives (DNS, probes, autoscaling, metrics, and a lot more cloud native and CNCF projects) thanks to Spin Operator.

    SpinKube Project Overview Diagram

    Spin Operator watches Spin App Custom Resources and realizes the desired state in the Kubernetes cluster. The foundation of this project was built using the kubebuilder framework and contains a Spin App Custom Resource Definition (CRD) and controller.

    To get started, check out our Spin Operator quickstart.