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A high level overview of the SpinKube integrations

    SpinKube Integrations


    Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) provides event-driven autoscaling for Kubernetes workloads. It allows Kubernetes to automatically scale applications in response to external events such as messages in a queue, enabling more efficient resource utilization and responsive scaling based on actual demand, rather than static metrics. KEDA serves as a bridge between Kubernetes and various event sources, making it easier to scale applications dynamically in a cloud-native environment. If you would like to see how SpinKube integrates with KEDA, please read the “Scaling With KEDA” tutorial which deploys a SpinApp and the KEDA ScaledObject instance onto a cluster. The tutorial also uses Bombardier to generate traffic to test how well KEDA scales our SpinApp.

    Rancher Desktop

    The release of Rancher Desktop 1.13.0 comes with basic support for running WebAssembly (Wasm) containers and deploying them to Kubernetes. Rancher Desktop by SUSE, is an open-source application that provides all the essentials to work with containers and Kubernetes on your desktop. If you would like to see how SpinKube integrates with Rancher Desktop, please read the “Integrating With Rancher Desktop” tutorial which walks through the steps of installing the necessary components for SpinKube (including the CertManager for SSL, CRDs and the KWasm runtime class manager using Helm charts). The tutorial then demonstrates how to create a simple Spin JavaScript application and deploys the application within Rancher Desktop’s local cluster.